We invest in inefficient markets to generate consistent, absolute returns.

Angelo Gordon has a long history of identifying and successfully exploiting mispricings in securities and assets, through rigorous and extensive analysis of company and industry fundamentals.

We match money with opportunity on a timely basis.

We have more than 200 investment professionals working together across a broad range of credit and real estate strategies in an entrepreneurial and collaborative culture. For over 30 years, we have built an extensive network of relationships which provide us with substantial deal flow. This allows us to be opportunistic and nimble to capitalize on attractive investment ideas at any time.

Investment decisions are driven by extensive research.

Research is the cornerstone of Angelo Gordon’s investment process.  Angelo Gordon has significant analytical experience in both equity and debt markets. In addition, we have internal industry specialists and outside partners with expertise in specific fields. We use this wealth of internal and external resources to come up with ideas and analyze investment opportunities that generate attractive risk-adjusted returns.

We are focused on protecting capital.

Our focus on fundamental research is complemented by strict adherence to our disciplined investing style — we focus on the downside, we diversify and we use leverage judiciously.  Our philosophy is that by understanding the potential downside or loss of an investment, and sizing our positions accordingly, we will be able to generate above-average returns with low volatility over a long period of time.