Identifying Opportunities

There are periods when a market, sector or security becomes mispriced because investors do not recognize its true value or do not have the platform or network to access the opportunity. These periods may be long- or short-lived, but in either case an investor can benefit from these inefficiencies.  

Angelo, Gordon has a long history of identifying and successfully exploiting mispricings in securities and assets, through rigorous and extensive analysis of company and industry fundamentals. Research is the cornerstone of Angelo, Gordon’s investment process.

Our firm has more than 160 investment professionals working together. Over the years, we have built an extensive network of relationships which provides us with substantial deal flow. We are in an excellent position to capitalize on the best investment ideas at any time.

Protecting Capital

Our focus on fundamental research is complemented by strict adherence to our disciplined style — focus on the downside, diversify and use leverage judiciously.  

Our philosophy is that by understanding the potential downside or loss of an investment, and sizing our positions accordingly, we will be able to generate above-average returns with low volatility over a long period of time.

Managing Risk

In addition to the risk management techniques employed by the portfolio managers of each strategy (fundamental research, diversification, etc.), the firm has an independent risk management group which analyzes the exposures and activities within portfolios. The risk management team takes an integrated approach to analyze market, credit and operational risk across all of Angelo, Gordon’s portfolios.  

Angelo, Gordon’s Chief Risk Officer and staff maintain a comprehensive risk management framework, which includes well-defined policies, through bottom-up analysis, daily portfolio monitoring and regular evaluation of capital adequacy and performance forecasts. The risk management group operates independently to ensure that all activities in the firm are performed in a fair and transparent manner.  

The risk management group is responsible for reviewing all systems, products and pricing models. The group also reviews the weekly price variance reports, the weekly and quarterly fair market valuations, quarterly best execution reports, and performs counterparty credit analysis for all brokers. The Chief Risk Officer also ensures that the anti-money laundering/OFAC reviews are performed and chairs the brokerage, valuation and disaster recovery/business continuity committees.

Investment Process

Angelo, Gordon has significant analytical experience in both equity and debt markets. In addition, we have internal industry specialists and outside partners with expertise in specific fields. We use this wealth of internal and external resources to come up with ideas and analyze investment opportunities that generate attractive risk-adjusted returns.

"We have an excellent track record of over 28 years of investing across a broad range of alternative investment strategies."

- Michael L. Gordon

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