Financial Services

San Diego, CA 2012 Unrealized / Active

Premier provider of health care loan programs that allow patients to cover their out-of-pocket medical costs and enable healthcare providers to increase net recovery rates on collections


Partnered with the Company's management team to continue to grow its patient-friendly loan programs given the trend in health care toward more high deductible health plans

Georgia 2011 Unrealized / Active

Bank platform to roll-up distressed banks in the Southeast with FDIC assistancePartnered with former senior executives from JPMChase that have significant experience in acquisition evaluation and integration

Carmel, IN 2010 Unrealized / Active

Provider of loans to insurance agents

Anaheim, CA 2007 Realized

Specialty finance business providing auto loans to consumersPartnered with experienced industry veterans and funded a management team to recreate previous success

West Palm, FL 2007 Unrealized / Active

Fund to purchase residual interests and servicing rights in sub-prime mortgage poolsPartnered with one of the largest independent servicers in the industry

Bermuda 2006 Realized

Provider of catastrophe reinsurance along side of White Mountain Insurance GroupPartnered with experienced underwriting team and co-investor to realize benefits of off-balance sheet assets

Carmel, IN 2005 Realized

Specialty finance business providing floor plan financing to independent auto dealersPartnered with the founder and former CEO of one of the most successful companies in the sector

Fort Lauderdale, FL 2004 Realized

One of the largest equipment rental companies in the US with 265 rental centers in 26 statesPart of an investment group that funded the company’s plan of reorganization exiting bankruptcy

St. Louis, MO 2003 Realized

Residential water heater rental business with 85,000 customers in 14 statesPartnered with a fundless sponsor to purchase this non-core business from a large, Midwest utility

White Plains, NY 1999 Realized

Specialty finance company that purchases portfolios and collects sub-performing and non-performing residential mortgagesInvested alongside management as part of initial funding

Berwyn, PA 1996 Realized

Consumer financial services company that provides check cashing, money wiring, small loans and related services to consumers outside the traditional banking system.

Norfolk, VA 1996 Realized

Specialty finance company that purchases distressed portfolios and collects defaulted consumer receivablesCompany went public in 1999

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