Chelsea Market

Location: New York, NY
Type: Office/Retail
Size: 1.2 million square feet
Purchase date:February 1999
Sale date: August 2003 / June 2011

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Meridian Retail

Location: Seattle, WA
Type: Retail
Size: 158,000 square feet
Purchase date:August 2003
Sale date: September 2005

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Washington DC Marriott

Location: Washington, DC
Type: Hotel
Size: 418 rooms
Purchase date:January 2006
Sale date: April 2007

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High Ridge Park

Location: Stamford, CT
Type: Office
Size: 583,580 square feet
Purchase date:September 2003
Sale date: August 2007

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California Residential Land

Location: Sacramento, Oxnard and Riverside, CA
Type: Land
Size: 14 properties with 1,411 lots
Purchase date:December 2007
Sale date: Over 80% of the lots are sold

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Fox Run Apartments

Location: Plainsboro, NJ
Type: Apartments
Size: 776 units
Purchase date:July 2009
Sale date: December 2010

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711 Stewart Avenue

Location: Garden City, NY
Type: Office/Retail
Size: 335,000 square feet
Purchase date:May 2010
Sale date: Excellent leasing momentum

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Dalian Star Sea Project

Location: Dalian, China
Type: Mixed-use
Size: 3,100,000 square feet
Purchase date:February 2007
Sale date: March 2010

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