Angelo Gordon has a robust alternative credit platform that spans the corporate credit, structured credit and lending spectrum.  Our areas of expertise include distressed debt, leveraged loans, liquid credit, structured credit (residential, consumer and commercial real estate), energy credit and middle market direct lending.  Our investment decisions are driven by extensive fundamental research and, where we employ leverage, we do so prudently.  Our credit strategies focus primarily in the United States and Europe.

Real Estate

Angelo Gordon has been a leading real estate investor for 25 years. We acquire underperforming assets in the U.S, Europe, and Asia, where we can employ our value-add skills to improve property performance.  In addition, we invest in commercial real estate debt, with an emphasis on CMBS securities, and in net lease real estate, focusing on the sale/leaseback of mission-critical, corporate facilities.  Our broad real estate platform allows us to share expertise and knowledge across teams, strategies and geographies.