Garrett Walls, Global Head of Investor Relations

Peter Aliprantis, Managing Director, Private Wealth & Intermediary Distribution

Sharone BenEzra, Managing Director, North America, Western Region

Owen Boyle, Vice President, North America, Central Region

Colleen Casey, Managing Director, North America

William Cullinan, Managing Director, Consultant Relations

Cort Escherich, Managing Director, Private Wealth & Intermediary Distribution

Jason Filiberti, Managing Director, North America, Central Region

Brian Haklisch, Managing Director, North America, Eastern Region

Morgan Haltiner, Director, Private Wealth & Intermediary Distribution

Michael O’Donoghue, Vice President, Real Estate

Mary Parrinelli, Managing Director, North America, Eastern Region

Bhavit Patel, Managing Director, North America, Eastern Region

Aliana Spungen, Managing Director, Real Estate

Louise Wasso, Head of Private Wealth & Intermediary Distribution

UK & Europe

Victoria Aston-Duff, Managing Director, Europe

Damien Loveday, Managing Director, U.K. & Consultant Relations


Ken Kuga, Head of Japan Investor Relations

Joseph Tien, Head of Asia, ex-Japan Investor Relations

Client Services

Ruth Gitlin, Head of Client Services

Noreen Feldmann, Managing Director

Michael Flynn, Managing Director

Product Specialists

Walter Murphy, Managing Director, Distressed Debt & Multi-Strat

Lisa Yahr, Managing Director, Credit