Angelo Gordon was founded in 1988.  Since then, we have grown in people, offices, strategies and assets, but throughout our 32-year history, our commitment to our clients has remain unchanged.


Angelo Gordon founded by John Angelo & Michael Gordon in New York

Launched Distressed Debt, Convertible & Merger Arbitrage strategies

  • The firm was founded with three strategies in which the team had 15 years of prior experience. There was little competition in these areas, and spreads were attractive.


Opportunistic Real Estate strategy (U.S.) launched

  • In the early 1990’s, the real estate capital markets were seriously dislocated. Our purchases of distressed debt of bankrupt real estate companies led us to begin investing in opportunistic real estate.

Multi-Strategy platform launched

  • We created a platform encompassing a number of Angelo Gordon strategies, which allowed us to tactically shift asset allocation to reflect the firm’s view on opportunities at the given time.


Private Equity strategy launched

  • Our private equity strategy leveraged the firm’s platform and extensive network to focus on middle market growth investments.


Leveraged Loans strategy launched

  • Leveraged Loans was as an extension of our distressed debt business, giving us access to a full range of products in the senior secured debt market.


London office opened


Los Angeles office opened


Core Plus Real Estate strategy launched

  • Core Plus Real Estate built on our real estate business to capture high yields on high-quality real estate which could benefit from our operating partner network and entrepreneurial investment style.


Diversified Credit strategy launched

  • Diversified Credit arose from the firm’s leveraged loan and convertible arbitrage disciplines, and allowed the firm to expand its expertise in the broader credit markets.


Hong Kong office opened

Asia Real Estate strategy launched

  • As we looked for international real estate opportunities, Asia real estate showed the greatest potential for high risk-adjusted returns, leading us to apply our U.S. opportunistic real estate investing model in Asia.

Net Lease Real Estate launched

  • Drawing on the firm’s credit expertise and real estate underwriting skills, we created and structured Net Lease Real Estate to focus on below-investment grade tenants.


Commercial Real Estate Debt and Loan Origination strategy launched

  • Commercial Real Estate Debt takes advantage of our credit-focused culture and in-house private and public real estate expertise to capitalize on mispricings in the commercial real estate debt market.

Amsterdam office opened

Seoul office opened


Residential and Consumer Debt strategy launched

  • We formed the Residential and Consumer Debt strategy to capitalize on the dislocation in the mortgage and consumer fixed income sectors and take advantage of our expertise in credit, trading and research-driven investing.


Public-Private Investment Partnership

  • In 2009, the U.S. Department of Treasury, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation launched the Public-Private Investment Partnership (PPIP) to unlock frozen credit markets and expand lending activity in the U.S. Angelo Gordon, in partnership with General Electric Capital Corporation, was a participant in this program.

Europe Real Estate Strategy Launched

  • Having reviewed the Europe real estate markets for a decade, it wasn’t until after the global financial crisis – which resulted in depressed property prices and significantly curtailed liquidity – that Angelo Gordon began finding compelling investment opportunities in this sector.

Tokyo office opened


Initial Public Offering of AG Mortgage Investment Trust, Inc.

  • Expanding upon the firm’s Residential and Consumer Debt strategy, AG Mortgage Investment Trust, Inc. (NYSE: MITT) was formed as a publicly traded real estate investment trust that invests in, acquires and manages a diversified portfolio of residential mortgage assets, other real estate-related securities, financial assets and real estate.


Energy strategy launched

  • The Energy strategy was another extension of our credit capabilities and launched to focus on capital-intensive energy companies consistently underserved by more traditional capital markets.

Houston office opened

San Francisco office opened


Middle Market Direct Lending strategy launched

  • The Middle Market Direct Lending strategy shares Angelo Gordon’s historical approach of senior secured lending with a focus on limited volatility and strong downside protection.

Chicago office opened


In Memoriam:  John M. Angelo

Frankfurt office opened

Milan office opened


Josh Baumgarten and Adam Schwartz join Michael Gordon as co-CIO’s.

Singapore office opened


Leadership transition

  • On December 31, 2020, Angelo Gordon co-Founder, Michael Gordon, stepped down as firm CEO and co-CIO, and assumed the position of non-Executive Chair, AG Partnership Advisory Board.
  • Adam Schwartz, Head of Real Estate, and Josh Baumgarten, Head of Credit, were named co-CEOs of Angelo Gordon. They continue as co-CIOs.