Angelo Gordon has acquired over $12 billion of properties in Asia since it began investing in the region in 2005.

Our strategy is pan-Asian, with a focus on investments in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China and Singapore.  We have real estate professionals in offices in Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong—all native to their markets—and are one of the most active U.S.-based investors in the region.  We focus on investing in turnaround opportunities, primarily created through a lack of real estate expertise, illiquidity and distress in many Asian markets.  Additionally, the firm has acquired non-performing loans and distressed real estate assets that are attractively priced due to the inefficiency of the sale process or the seller’s need for near-term liquidity.  We believe our pan-Asia approach allows us to take advantage of the best risk-adjusted opportunities across a wide geography in markets that are at different points in the real estate cycle.  As with the other Angelo Gordon real estate strategies, we joint venture with talented local operating partners and today we have a network of over 55 partners that we work with in the region.  We believe our key strength is our ability to help investors access the tremendous investment opportunities in Asia while aiming to minimize the risks of investing in the region.