Angelo Gordon has been investing in real estate in Europe since 2009 and has acquired over $6 billion of properties in this region.

Our strategy is pan-European, with a focus on the major cities of the United Kingdom and Western Europe.  We have real estate professionals based in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Milan.

Angelo Gordon typically sources assets from owners who lack the capital, patience or expertise to improve cash flow and value.  We find significant inefficiencies in the real estate market, which might be due to a poorly marketed or completely off-market process, lender-controlled assets where the seller does not have full information, or Angelo Gordon’s creative approach to repositioning an asset in a way that others might not see.

We work in tandem with our network of approximately 50 local operating partners to source assets, correct the asset’s underperformance and add significant value. Additionally, Angelo Gordon is able to utilize the firm’s deep network of relationships with banks, loan servicers, bankruptcy liquidators and owners to acquire many properties in a privately negotiated process.